Langa KwaNobuhle Self-Help and Resource Exchange

SHARE’s Annual Objectives and Outcomes


SHARE’S overall objective is empowerment of

individuals, groups and communities to organize

viable and sustainable social developmental

neighborhood based solutions and organizations

that will mobilize resources to eradicate and

combat poverty in their areas so that people’s

social functioning is enhanced and their quality

of life is improved by end of 2010 throughout

the Eastern Cape Province.


Immediate objective 1: Provision of

integrated and comprehensive social work

services that promotes family unity,

protection and support while strengthening

the family system

During the past year, despite staff changes, SHARE

managed to increase the number of clients assisted

by our social work team reached out to 3887; with a total of 1500 km travelled to conduct home visits. About 36 Form 26 babies were referred for assistance, of this number 15 died before SHARE could provide any intervention services. Out of total clients assisted, 1282 are children.


Immediate objective 2: Neighborhood based, run and managed social developmental NGO/CBO are strengthened and facilitated

This is an ongoing objective and was partly achieved in that 1 CBO instead of two was reached. SHARE also assisted 2 CBOS by providing rental office accommodation, namely Ithemba Eliphilisayo and Disable People Information Centre.


Immediate objective 3: To promote the concept of Self-Help Group Community Development Approach throughout Langa and KwaNobuhle Townships so as to reduce clients dependency on cash loans

This objective has not been achieved in that it required a lot of consultations and commitment from both the women groups and staff. Unfortunately, due to staff changes and time constraints, this objective could not been fully implemented. Furthermore, because SHARE is known locally, the expectations were that SHARE would provide the funds for these groups instead of saving their own money. However, it is a worthwhile objective to pursue as many of our target groups are victims of Loan shacks. Perhaps we need to start with clients in our caseload.


Immediate objective 4: To strengthen the foster care family system through practical support & guidance to foster parents, biological parents and children

Organizing bi- monthly workshops for this group could not be sustained due to staff resignations/ changes resulting in objective not fully implemented. Even so, we managed to place 33 children in foster placement, conducted at least three workshops, assisted children with birth registration and acquiring the necessary identity documents. 90 children are currently in the process of being placed with foster parents.



Additional Objectives for 2007/2008


SHARE has identified several new projects to be implemented during 2007/08 over and above our normal programs. Even though we did not achieve them all, we tried our best and had to shelve them for 2008/2009.


Objective: Find sponsor for SHARE website design and operation

As it can be seen, this objective has been achieved.


Objective: Have a sponsored marketing pamphlet

This was partly achieved but we need to print more pamphlets and distribute them in the whole of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan.


Objective: Convert Flat into a nursery for vulnerable babies and children resource centre

This objective was achieved as the Baby nursery facility is available. However, we face challenges to get parents to bring in the babies as they want to be collected and delivered to their homes. Of course, some are justified as they live far from our complex. This will be pursued during 2008/2009


Objective: Open a SHARE branch in Langa Township

This objective was achieved and am pleased to report that it has now two staff members running the office- the social worker assisted by a social auxiliary worker. Negotiations are undergoing with local Councillor to get centrally situated offices and to use the current venue for a residential facility for either children or HIV hospice.


Objective: Conduct a need Assessment survey at Langa using Limekaya students as volunteer researchers

This objective could not be implemented as the social worker resigned before she could implement the task. The current social worker is tasked with completing the task. The survey questionnaire is ready and just need to be implemented. This objective will be continued during the 2008/2009 financial year.


Objective: Thanduxolo and Limekaya High School Programs to be fully operational

This objective could not be implemented due to resignation. Furthermore, working with educators is sometimes very difficult as they are sometimes not very cooperative. To complicate matters, they invited more than one NGO to work in the same school. But we will pursue this objective again during 2008/2009 financial year not necessarily to the specific schools...


Objective: Home based care for vulnerable children referred through form 25/26 by the department of social development

Partly achieved but a lot of ground work still needs to be done before the projects can get into full swing. The Social Auxiliary workers assisted in ensuring that the babies are taken care of. This will be pursuing again during 2008/2009 financial year.


Objective: Pilot the SHG approach in the surrounding rural/farm areas of the Nelson Mandela Metro

The SHG was piloted and groups were formed at Amanzi Estate, Bloza, Kirkwood, and Shamrock. About 13 groups were formed with 150 female & two males joining as members who altogether managed to save R5199. However, the program could not be sustained due to stringent demands and expectations of the funder. In addition, groups expected SHARE to provide the funds. The method of selecting groups needs to be reviewed and our focus will be on our clients that experience pressure and hardship as results of Cash loan shacks. The objective will be changed to meet our client’s needs using the same approach.

Objective: Establishing working relationship with Atlanta Homeless Children Services

This was not achieved and had to be shelved for 2008/09.This could not be achieved as we failed to establish internet connection with this NGO. After several attempts to get in touch with them, the project was abandoned.


Objective: Running of 6 training workshops for CBO empowerment in the area

Partly achieved as three workshops were conducted- On starting a project; proposal writing and NPO governance with a total of 45 people attending.


Objective: Conducting of Child Trafficking Research in the Nelson Mandela Metro

This objective was not achieved and was shelved to 2008/2009.


Objective: Promotion of SAWID & SANTAC in the Eastern Cape Province

This was a joint project with PRCC. This objective was partly achieved as several meetings were held with women groups and a group of 10 women even attended SAWID conference in Pretoria. Furthermore, this objective will continue during 2008/2009.

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