Langa KwaNobuhle Self-Help and Resource Exchange

Director’s report


SHARE has again survived another very challenging yet

exciting year - financial constraints caused by subsidy

cuts and delayed payments of approved grants, grants

with restricted usage, resignations of long serving and

experienced staff members and failure of self help savings

group and constraints in implementing the nursery project.


All these challenges also provided us with opportunities to

reflect deeply within ourselves and remind ourselves why

SHARE exists and so make plans to deliver excellent

services to our community. At the same time, it forced us

to diversify our funding base and to develop better

strategies of raising funds to meet the delivery challenges.


SHARE suffered a huge staff turnover during this financial

year, particularly social work staff. This was caused partly

because we could not pay competitive salaries and do not

have perks like Medical aid, housing subsidy/allowance or

car subsidy. Moreover, we are competing with the

department of Social Development for the social work

staff. However, what we lack in financial terms, we have

plenty in terms of professional development and exposure

for personal and professional growth resulting in job



It was painful to see two of our most experienced staff members leave during the same month and giving a short notice. Having served for 10 years at SHARE and to give only two weeks’ notice left a bitter taste. But as soon that door closed, another open with even better qualified and more experienced staff members, namely a bookkeeper with accounting qualification and experience in an NGO sector.


For the first time in my career as the director of SHARE, auditing of our books went fairly quickly and smoothly as our bookkeeping is now computerised. Plans are afoot to use a computerized payroll system to save time and all hassles of reporting to SARS.


With a generous grant from the Nelson Mandela Metro, we were able to get additional computers so that social workers and social auxiliary workers can type their own reports. However, most need to be trained on how to use the computer to its fullest potential. Our offices are also fully furniture with all the necessary equipment. We were also able to indulge in luxuries such as toys for children that included educational toys and educational computer from preschool age. Of course we also stock up on work material for leaner times!


We are further blessed with very committed and dedicated social work team, child care workers and instructors for mentally challenged youth that go out of their way to serve the community.


SHARE is investing a lot in its staff members and each and every staff member is given an opportunity to attend workshops that would make one do one’s work better and professional. Staff members were sent to workshops covering topics such as human trafficking, HIV and AIDS, and anti child pornography.


This year, three staff members were registered as trainee social auxiliary workers. Two staff members at Lukhanyiso Home have started the 1st of 11 modules towards a certificate as child care workers.


Delegating staff members to undertake some projects after the training is paying huge dividends. Organizing workshops, school holiday programs and educational trips are some of the delegated tasks that the staff members are undertaking with excellent results.



Ms Nominise J. Gogo, Director

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