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Progress report and new developments


The 12th of December is declared a Global day Against Child trafficking, and on this day, SHARE, with the financial support of tdh conducted an awareness raising workshop on the issue of Child trafficking.


On 4 December 2008, children at SHARE were given a treat by Pick ‘n Pay supermarket when they hosted a Christmas party. A community member recommended SHARE to Pick N Pay as a township based organization looking after children. Children received nice gifts and enjoyed a lovely meal prepared by Pick ‘n



In December, we received a number of boxes of frozen breast milk being delivered into our VWCT donated Cold storage. We thank IBMP for their donation. It is the best Christmas gift for our sick and orphan babies. We thank those generous mums from the United States for their precious gift, especially Jill Youse for having organized the mothers to give, Dr Vuyisile Nkomo for introducing SHARE to IBMP, and Prolata and the shipping companies.


A KwaNobuhle Children Rights forum has been established and a committee of nine was elected. The chairperson is Phumelela Matana and the vice chairperson is Eliza Mancapha. This committee meets weekly on Thursdays at the SHARE Training Centre. Due to school examinations, they are now closed but will resume meeting again in January 2009 as most members will be out of town during school holidays.


There are workshops/seminars lined up for when they reopen next year. Having had a joint workshop with parents where SHARE Director, Ms Nominise Gogo, explained what children rights are, the follow up workshop will be on Roles and responsibilities of Parents, Children and the state in implementing the Children Rights. They are also planning to introduce themselves to other children and to recruit new members.


A delegation of tdh/VW Global works Council visited SHARE. SHARE has benefited from “CHANCE TO PLAY,” a project sponsored by tdh/VW Global works Council, in form of playground equipment, contribution towards payment of the Palisade fencing, and upgrading of our recreational hall for children to have an indoor activity playroom.


In the recent months, SHARE had several important international visitors. Mrs Linda Lotter, an American who is now a permanent resident in South Africa paid us a visit. Linda’s company is responsible for shipping the donated frozen pasteurized breast milk free to NGOs in South Africa. Linda has also introduced us to another breast milk bank that is operating at Tygerberg Hospital.


A recent visit by Dr Vuyisile Nkomo, a board member of Breastmilk International Project, confirmed the commitment of the International Breastmilk Project to support SHARE in its endeavor to save the lives of hungry children and prevent death due to nutritional deficiency syndrome.


SHARE has also discovered that there is a Breast Milk bank in Uitenhage, at Curley Hospital under Sister Jezile as its promoter. Dr Vuyisile Nkomo also visited the Breast Milk Bank at Curley Hospital and discussed with the nurses how they operate their own Breast Milk bank. SHARE will be working closely with Sister Jezile and five clinics in KwaNobuhle, including Leticia Bam Day hospital.


We are looking forward to receiving our first shipment of frozen pasteurized breast milk on the 1 December 2008, during the International AIDS day. Our Volkswagen Community Trust sponsored cold storage is ready for this valuable donation! We are currently arranging training with Ithembalethu Home, the first South African project to receive the donated frozen breast milk, so that when the milk arrives, all systems would be ready and SHARE staff would know what to do.


One of our major achievements in 2008 was upgrading the Lukhanyiso Home from being a Street Children shelter to a fully fledged Children’s home for 36 children from birth up to 18 years of age by the department of Social Development. However, the registration as a Children’s home does not automatically come with financial increase. This will only be reviewed in April 2009.


Another very exciting achievement is our successful revival of our preschool, with 16 children enrolled. The preschool is manned by volunteers comprised of the local school youth. In return, SHARE has arranged with the Port Elizabeth Early Learning Centre to train them as Preschool teachers. The training will start on the 12 January 2009 with 20 youths and 5 child care workers currently employed at Lukhanyiso Home. As SHARE will pay for their training, each trained youth is required to work at the preschool for two months on a voluntary basis; thereafter they can find work at other places.


Lukhanyiso Home was represented by the manager, Ms Nonceba Ndlondlo, and Thembani Melane, a child who have been at Lukhanyiso Home since he was 5 years old in 1998 and is now 16 years of age and in grade 10, at a Street Children Conference and a tour of Germany from the 19 October to 3 November 2008.


During this year, we have successfully revived our Nursery and it is also open for community children.

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German visitors at SHARE

Linda Lotter’s visit to SHARE

Helping local communities

Thembani in Germany

Parenting workshop

Dr. Nkomo holding baby Thulisa

Pick ‘n Pay Christmas gifts

Frozen breast milk for babies

Human trafficking workshop